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Kids in Preschool

The Educational Freelancer

Non-traditional alternatives


Teachers are desperate.

New teacher turnover is up to fifty percent within three to five years!

Some teachers who have passed the five-year mark are simply "hanging in there."

This isn't pleasant.  It is time to find more satisfaction in the profession--both intellectually and emotionally.

The Educational Freelancer helps fill the void many teachers experience in acquiring skills to teach language arts. These techniques are what they search for, but fail to gain in teacher colleges, state curriculum guides and traditionally published texts and workbooks.

Educational Products

My website offers a wealth of educational resources and expertise honed by 30 years of teaching. Start by exploring our free educational resources for teachersclassroom games for grades 4-8, recommended books, and resources for language arts, math, geography and art. Our approach is sound, clear, simple and proven effective in the classroom. Take advantage of the wealth of resources available on our website to help you succeed in the classroom.


Classroom Games

Downloadable. Reusable. Recyclable.
Print all the pieces at your desk!

My classroom games were created with the intent of being affordable and accessible tools for teachers. When students participate in classroom games, they are unknowingly participating in learning!

With my games, teachers pay a fraction of the cost of traditional classroom games, print and laminate materials from their desk, and can hold onto these files to rejuvenate their game when the materials become worn from classroom use.


Many of the ideas on this site are included in my book, "The Creative Teacher" which can be purchased through Amazon.

"This important book is a must-read for anyone who teaches language arts from grade four and up.  James Charnock possesses one of the most creative and inspiring voices emerging from the language pedagogy community today.  While often challenging traditional teaching methods, he brings his 30 years of teaching experience and his generous heart to offer a wide range of practical, fun, and well-detailed strategies to teaching language arts.  His unusual, exuberant, student-centered techniques meet the child in his/her own world and go on to open up new dimensions of experience and mastery of language skills.  Here is a treasury of specific directions, charts, forms, lists, scales, and games, often with engaging titles, for drawing the student into the learning experience.  Samples of students’ responses reflect the rewarding outcomes that so often have validated this teacher’s dedication, love, and imaginative solutions to the challenge of teaching language arts.  This compilation of Charnock’s work serves as a valuable resource to empower students with not only better language skills, but also with a better sense of self.  His teaching methods can stimulate awareness and self-expression, which are among the most useful life skills a child can acquire."

Wandz Costanzo, Ph.D.,

Clinical Psychologist, (Subspecialty: Attention Deficit Disorder), Private Practice, Haddonfield, NJ

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