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Classroom Games

Downloadable. Reusable. Recyclable.
Print all the pieces at your desk!

My classroom games were created with the intent of being affordable and accessible tools for teachers. When students participate in classroom games, they are unknowingly participating in learning!

With my games, teachers pay a fraction of the cost of traditional classroom games, print and laminate materials from their desk, and can hold onto these files to rejuvenate their game when the materials become worn from classroom use.

Word Match Cover
Word Match Overview

Word Match:
Synonym, Antonym, Homonym

In an atmosphere of cooperation, competition and challenge (and a little luck thrown in for fun), your students can reinforce essential phonetic and vocabulary skills without being tediously aware of how much they are learning. WORD MATCH: Synonym, Antonym, Homonym—a mentally, and socially active game—creates such an atmosphere and an enthusiastic response from players. (Grades 2-5)

What State Is That Cover
U.S Map

What State is That?

"What State is THAT?" can be played as either a fast-paced game of 10 minutes or a more challenging and complicated 20 minute play based on selected options. 
Regardless, "What State is THAT ?" is an exciting play!
Similar ready-made games sell off the shelf for triple to quadruple the price of this one. (Grades 2-8)

Line Up Cover
Line Up Overview

Line Up! 3 Games in 1
Visualized Learning:
Sentence Capitalization-Punctuation

You would never guess from the single title that this is a capitalization and punctuation activity. No one has it, and publishers have refused to publish it because "teachers will find it too easy to copy," as one put it. It's physically, socially, and intellectually exciting and just plain English-reinforcement fun. Close the door! (Grades 2-8)

To ensure the game components endure repeated classroom use, you may want to print on 8x11 inch paper or cardstock and laminate them.

Below I've included products you can purchase through Amazon Prime that I personally use, trust and recommend to you.

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