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Raising a Hand

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the focus of your website?

The focus of my website is to make the teaching of subjects easier for both the teacher and pupil.

Who is the intended audience for your website?

My audience is both the classroom teacher and the homeschooler.

How can I become a member of your website?

My website is not similar to a magazine or newspaper column; it is more like a book store where one can peruse and purchase ideas I've shared and I've written about from my teaching experience. These ideas have been shared for over 30 years in the educatioinal conference arena.

Can you provide examples of the types of resources available on your website?

The majority of articles and games are about teaching techniques in the middle and JH language arts area (writing, public speaking, interviewing, storytaking, diary/journal writing, and more), but I also offer creative ideas on the teaching of beginning research, (my) classroom LA games, essay writing, even art.

How does your website help teachers improve their teaching skills?

Most teachers are looking for the most productive and interesting approach to teaching their subject or subjects and I've dedicated my teacher life to simplifying how to get across academic ideas, especially those who have too often found "learning" rather boring. Plus, my articles tell the educator why a particular approach is being used.

What qualifications or credentials do your teachers have?

Those that use my articles and book--The Creative Teacher: Activities for Language Arts, Grades 4 through 8 and Up--are primarily certified public school teachers; some are homeschoolers and a few are remediation college professors for struggling entrants.

Are the resources on your website tailored for a specific grade level or subject?

Though the title to my book says "4 through 8 and up," the ideas in the book and on the website are adaptable to the younger level, especially the LA and geography games. And, of course, the LA articles apply to students who are academically behind in high school.

How often is new content added to your website?

I have searched the depth of my experience and shared my successful efforts. I presently lead a group of volunteers at a K-8 public school and really enjoy sharing the excitement of the best picture and beginning books with the students in K-4, but I am no longer adding to the writing of my productive efforts, which I consider timeless in their approaches.

Are there any certifications or continuing education units available through your website?

There are presently no certifications available via my website.

Are there any pricing options available for your website?

I have set the item prices to be as reasonable as possible. There is no quantity discount.

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